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Oats with Heart!

Passion Turned Into Profession…

Randy Sihota founded Wescana Foods after seeing a gap in the market for high-quality gluten-free oats at a reasonable price point. Randy started Wescana with the hopes of bringing great oats from the prairies to homes across Canada. Alongside Randy, is his daughter Kamryn, a university student hoping to follow in the steps of her father, and provide the people of Canada with good whole foods packed full of nutrients, in this world of over-processed food we live in today.

By supporting Wescana, you are supporting a small family business with the goal of giving all access to healthy food.

Randy has been in the Natural Foods industry since he was a teenager

Randy began his journey in the natural foods industry working with his father in the distribution sphere at Nationwide Natural Foods. There he learned the ins and outs of working with natural and organic foods. Randy also spent time opening and working at his own natural foods store in the Lower Mainland. From there he worked on many other projects, eventually deciding to found Wescana Foods in 2019, his own company, for himself and his family. Wescana has allowed Randy to deepen the connections he has with friends and colleagues, as well as his family.